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Our company produces tools and utilities to compliment QuickBooks and DataFlex application developers and end-users.

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    QODBC - Unleash your QuickBooks Data

    A fully functional ODBC driver for reading and writing QuickBooks accounting data files by using standard SQL queries. Many applications have ODBC support built-in and can automatically use QuickBooks data with wizard ease once this driver has been installed. Applications such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Visual Basic or Crystal Reports will immediately have real-time access to your critical accounting data. More Details
  • QXL

    QXL - One Click QuickBooks Data Access

    A super easy way to get all of your important QuickBooks company data into Excel spreasdsheets with one click and keep them up to date with running on a schedules. Use your Excel skills rather than messing with drivers and code - the best end-user solution for QuickBooks Deskto and QuickBooks Online reporting and export.More Details
  • FlexODBC

    FlexODBC - the premier ODBC driver for DataFlex DBMS files.

    DataFlex is a 4th Generation Object Oriented application development system used for the creation of complex database applications. It is used world-wide in large companies as well as specialized vertical market applications. The DataFlex name is not as well known as other DBMS products by virtue of it's focus on the professional programmer market. More Details
  • WatzOnTV.com


    A subsidiary of FLEXquarters.com, WatzOnTV.com is your Free Personal TV Network, combining the 24 hour nature of broadcast TV with the targeted video search capability of streaming video, you can setup and mix channels on topics of interest to you and see a constant streaming network based on only things you want to see. It runs on PC, Mac, Android and Apple devices as well as your TV set with the Pluggy add-on. More Details

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